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The integrity of your assets, our priority!
We offer you the most experienced specialists in cathodic protection and corrosion mitigation.

We developed an Internationally recognized experience in Cathodic Protection for on-shore pipeline networks (transportation and distribution networks), jetties and other kind of off-shore structures, aboveground and buried tanks (tanks terminals), deep-well casings, internal protection, ...


We actively follow technical evolutions in the matter of Cathodic Protection by participating in international working groups (CEN/ISO normalization, CEOCOR, CEFRACOR, NACE, ...).


Our core business: design and engineering in cathodic protection, analysis and managing of electrical influences (stray currents and HV influences), execution of CP measurements (e.g. OFF potential), installation of CP systems.

Arnaud Smeets
NACE certified Cathodic Protection specialist (cert. # 7619)
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